Events in Nuremberg

“Blaue Nacht” Nuremberg

Since 2000 this extraordinary event is an inherent part of the cultural life of the city of Nuremberg and attracts thousands of visitors every single year. Traditionally the inner city of Nuremberg transforms on one specific night of the month of May into a lively stage full of dance, music, theater and performances of all different kinds. With your ticket you have the opportunity to visit all the attractions and exhibitions and you’ll certainly be mesmerized by this sparkling and glowing night.

“Bardentreffen” Nuremberg

Singer/songwriter or band, national or international artist, known or unknown: during the annual “Bardentreffen” singers, musicians and bands from all over the world gather in the historic district of the city of Nuremberg and fascinate thousands of visitors on eight different stages. The main point of the musicians is, that their pieces include vocals because the name “Bardentreffen” refers to singing bards. The admission to this event -which takes place on the first weekend of the Bavarian summer holidays - is for free. Be astonished by renowned stars and innovative talents that share a stage during this event and present their passion for music to the audience.

Classicism Open Air Nuremberg

The award-winning open-air event is the biggest of its kind in Europe and takes place during the end of July and beginning of August under the open sky of the city of Nuremberg. Arranged by the renowned Nuremberg symphonic orchestra and philharmonic orchestra you can expect staging’s that will simply leave you speechless. Listen to the tunes of classical pieces and the superb interpretations of modern popular music. Equipped with a picnic rug and a good glass of wine this event surly will stay in your memory for a long time. The goose bump that the orchestra will cater for you is of course for free – this also holds for the admission.

Christmas market Nuremberg

During the tranquil advent season the Christmas market of Nuremberg, located around the main market of the historic district, opens to the public and welcomes a great amount of visitors every year. Besides culinary delicacies and hot drinks you can expect regional and nationwide handicrafts. You’ll have the opportunity to find some decorative ideas for your own four walls and some last minute Christmas presents for your beloved ones. Be mesmerized by the glooming and sparkling historic district and be taken in by the fairytale-like Christmas atmosphere.

Norisring-race DTM Nuremberg

Usually the streets of Nuremberg are open to the casual traffic but once a year the renowned “Norisringrennen” takes place on these streets that wriggle themselves through the city. On this one particular weekend racing cars find their way through the streets and you’ll have the opportunity to observe this amazing happening from the tribunes that are located right on the racing track. You’ll hear the howling of the motors and squeaky tiers and you’ll be the witness of reckless driving maneuvers. The framework program consists of stunt shows, race taxis and music performances. A unique event in the old historic district of the city of Nuremberg,

Old town festival Nuremberg

In the middle of September the whole inner city of Nuremberg changes into a huge stage. Surrounded by historic buildings fascinating scenery awaits its visitors. The program consists of all kinds of the various arts: theater, cabaret, music and dance. The repertoire of the old town festival seems to be endless. The regional gastronomy cares for your well being during these days. Gaze at the traditional costume parade at the start of the celebrations or visit open-air concert in the evenings. Entertainment for the old and young visitors is guaranteed.