Highlights Nuremberg

Germanic Museum Nuremberg

The Germanic Museum is located around 450 meters from our hotel’s doorstep and is the biggest museum concerning the history, arts and culture of the German speaking countries. Relicts from the early period as well as artworks of the modern era are waiting for you in the museum that already opened in 1852 and ever since attracted thousands of visitors every year. In the pompous complex detailed glass paintings, with golden ornaments adorned artifacts, medieval statues and reconstructions of old medieval housing are exhibit and fascinate every single visitor. Also the pictures of Alfred Dürer – the most renowned son of Nuremberg – are exhibit at the Germanic Museum. Take some time and stroll through the huge exhibition halls and gaze at the breathtaking artworks that fascinate old and young visitors the same way.

“Tiergarten” Nuremberg

Located in the outskirts of Nuremberg, you will find the „Tiergarten“. The Zoo is the home of many exotic animals and surly one of the greatest visitor magnets of the city. In total there are more than 280 species with 2600 animals. Located in the Zoo is the nature orientated dolphin lagoon. As the first open-air enclosure for dolphins in Germany, the lagoon offers the animals the possibility to experience natural phenomena “live”, which is a qualitative improvement for the dolphins & sea lions. Also you can visit the manatee house, the first tropical gallery of the Tiergarten Nuremberg. It is the home of the four manatees and many other animals such as little monkeys, nectar feeding bats, turtles or butterflies just to mention a few. As a visitor, you have the impression of being in a flooded Amazon region. The zoo looks back to a long tradition beginning in the middle ages. As then and now, people love to visit the beautiful Nuremberg Zoo.

Arena Nuremberg

The Arena Nuremberg offers space to more than 11.000 visitors and is a multifunctional event location for huge sporting and music events. Fans of the local ice hockey team “Nürnberg Ice Tigers” cheer here for their time during a game and world stars perform here with extraordinary shows. The atmosphere is always amazing and breathtaking and the size of the arena will simply leave you speechless. The program of the Arena Nuremberg can be found on the Internet and therefore you have the opportunity to check beforehand what is going on and staged during your visit.