Where Dürer
once went for a walk.

The “Hotel Am Jakobsmarkt” looks back on a long tradition and history. Already in 1984 the hotel was erected in the style of the old historic architecture of the city of Nuremberg. With 36 rooms and three apartments the private run hotel accommodated its first visitors in 1984. Four years later the hotel was extended to a total of 72 rooms.

In 1996 the half-timbered house “Pfeiffergasse” that is located in the backyard of the main house was restored and equipped with four more rooms and an apartment. In 2006 more building conversions took place and the number of rooms was reduced in order to offer its visitors more comfortable space.

The two building parts were merged together and the conversions ended in 2011. Located in the southern historic district of Nuremberg the hotel was headed by Wilhelm Hofmann who forwarded it to his son Thorsten Hofmann in 2001, guaranteeing to keep the standard and comfort his visitors had experienced up to this date.

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