Our Price Guarantee

On our hotel website you book your room for the guaranteed lowest price!

This warranty applies to all internet offers. Excluded are offers from special price agreements of companies or bonus programs, vouchers and sweepstakes, bookings from Internet auctions and bookings, in which the hotel was not known at the time of booking.

Just contact us by e-mail info@hotel-am-jakobsmarkt.de, inform us about the cheaper offer and we will refund the difference. Your notice must be received by us at least 48 hours before your arrival.

The cheaper offer must be for an equivalent room. Important is the same arrival and departure date and the same conditions of booking.

Please check again beforehand if everything is correct:

  • same arrival and departure date?
  • same room category?
  • same terms of payment, same information about currency and taxes?
  • same meal service (for example breakfast)?
  • same cancellation policy?

For the adjustment of your reservation we only need the following information. Your full name, booking period, room category, contact details e-mail and/ or telephone under which we may contact you as well as the internet address (for example www.yxz-reisen.de) and corresponding screenshots of the website on which you found the cheaper offer. If you have already made a booking for the period, please provide additional booking number (you will find this on your booking confirmation).

We ask for your understanding that we can not take into account incomplete emails, offers on different terms and offers that are no longer bookable. Furthermore, bookings with arrival on the day of booking are excluded.

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